Valentines Gifts with Good Health in Mind

Valentines Gifts with Good Health in Mind

Valentines Gifts with Good Health in Mind

Eating healthy and being physically active can provide The Key to a healthy Heart.

So, with that in mind, select a Valentine’s gift that will help your loved one reap the benefits long after the love bug day is over.

“While it’s very romantic to present your loved one with flowers and candy, you can also give the gift of good health,” notes Dr. Kevin Campbell, a top ranked cardiologist from Raleigh, North Carolina. “Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to focus on heart healthy options for both of you.”

Below are some suggestions, as follows:

Plan a heart-healthy date. Spending quality time with your loved ones is a wonderful way to show you care. Plan an active outing like skating, sledding or simply taking a long romantic walk. Try to make this a regular part of your lifestyle, aiming for 150 mins weekly of physical activity.

Dine at home. Prepare a romantic, candlelight dinner at home focusing on lean protein, fresh green vegetables, heart healthy fiber and of course, a glass of Red wine! Strawberries dipped in chocolate make a sexy but heart-healthy finale to the meal.

Sharing is caring. If you chose to eat out to celebrate the date, try sharing an appetizer, main entrée and dessert. Splitting portions is an excellent way to trim calories and fat.

Design or order a fruit basketMany companies offer tempting and tasty fruit baskets but you can make your own by visiting the fresh market and filling a lovely basket with your personal favorite fruits. Top with a Red bow and a Valentine’s Day card and you are done.

Buy a yoga mat. Even if your loved one is a seasoned yogini, having a personalized mat provides motivation. Yoga is a proven way to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. If your Valentine has never tried the practice, this gift may be the ticket to give yoga a try.

Go for herbal teas. “Sipping herbal, caffeine free tea can give your loved one a respite from the busy world. Teas have been shown to improve cognition, increase relaxation and improve mood. A gift basket of carefully selected teas can be a healthy alternative to candy and flowers.

Try a fitness class. Purchase a class pass for 2 to a nearby fitness club so that you and your loved one can try out new exercise classes. “Exercise is critical to health,” notes Dr. Campbell. “The obesity epidemic is rampant, affecting a whopping 35% of Americans. Help prevent high blood pressure and heart disease by promoting fitness and exercise with your gift.”

Choose Chocolate. Dark chocolate does have proven heart healthy benefits so if your do receive a box, take it slow by putting the chocolate in the freezer and enjoy in moderation over the next several weeks.

Try a fitness tracker. Help your loved one stay on track with a fitness watch or a cardio band. Such are designed to help monitor your exercise, sleep and eating patterns to give you instant feedback on your progress.

Another gift option, and 1 I really like is consider a gift that lasts forever. Write and/or search for a poem that expressed your heartfelt feelings and write it by hand in pen & ink on beautiful paper. It will last forever.

Have a happy day.


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