It’s Vacation Time, Take Good Care and Have Fun

It’s Vacation Time, Take Good Care and Have Fun

It’s Vacation Time, Take Good Care and Have Fun

The last thing any vacationing family want is for the ‘dream holiday’ to turn into a nightmare.

Nobody wants to waste well-earned time off nursing broken bones or dealing with sunstroke. If you are traveling this coming month, below  are some things to help you be and stay safe on your vacation, as follows;

  1. If traveling by air: flying elevates your risk of deep vein thrombosis slightly. It is very important that to try and keep moving when on an airplane. Do exercises in your seat to get the blood flowing, and take a walk up the aisle every hour. If flying ‘long haul’, consider wearing flight socks and take aspirin before you travel.
  2. Pack some comfortable shoes: most people focus on swimwear and sandals when packing our cases. But do not forget to include some comfortable shoes if planning to explore. When visiting ancient ruins, or taking in the views from a mountain top, flip flops are not a good choice, they will increase the chances of sustaining an injury on holiday.
  3. Stay hydrated: many holiday travelers choose Sunshine breaks when it comes to booking vacations. If going to a hot country, it is essential to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of bottled water, and increase your fluid intake when exercising or sweating more than normal. Try to avoid drinking alcohol, it is a dehydrator.
  4. Take care in the Sun: sure there  nothing like feeling the warmth of the Sunshine. It is always prudent to remember that sunbathing can do you harm. Sun exposure carries a risk of Sunburn and skin cancer. Make sure you apply sunscreen before you go out into the Sun. Reapply throughout the day and take care not to miss any areas. Do not forget your ears, lips, and the soles of your feet. Avoid sunbathing in the midday Sun when the UV rays are at their strongest. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and move into the shade if you feel your skin burning.
  5. Drive carefully: many people choose to hire a car when on vacation. If you’re driving abroad, take extra care. Driving on unfamiliar roads in a rental car can carry a higher risk of road traffic accidents. Plan your route in advance, and stick to the speed limit and be insured.
  6. Swim safety: going for a swim in the sea, the stick to designated safe swimming zones. If you have children choose beaches manned by lifeguards. Avoid swimming in adverse weather conditions, and do not go out too far. Even the calmest looking waters can be deceptively powerful.

Vacations are about relaxation, exploration, and creating incredible memories. Follow the above 6 rules to reduce your risk of holiday accidents. They will ensure you return home with a golden glow and no injuries.

Have a terrific Summer holiday.

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