Vacation in Winter, It Is Cheaper

Vacation in Winter, It Is Cheaper

When you travel in the Winter places are emptier and the pace is slower, and prices are cheaper

These are the things that greatly enhance your ability to really enjoy the local culture.

For tourists who list natural beauty as a priority for traveling, I would say Winter has just as much to offer as the warmer months.

Snow, ice and rock have just as much power and beauty as sweeping forests and grassland.

Below are some recommendations for Winter vacations to take now, as follows:

Salzburg, Austria

Visiting Salzburg is like taking a complete cross-section of Austrian history. The city was started as a handful of scattered Celtic camps but turned into a single settlement by the Romans after they conquered the area in 15 BC Conflict between the Church and Austrian Emperor dots its history as well, and the founding of the Stiegl brewery in Y 1492 marks the start of 500 years of beer tourism. Virtually every important event to touch Austria can be explored in the city and since Austrians pride themselves on how they handle the Winter months, you might as well take them up on it.

Aurora Borealis in Norway

Norway is the kind of country that is custom-built for a Winter vacation. The country’s dramatic landscaped is enhanced tenfold by a fresh blanket of snow, the food is hearty enough to fill and warm you through a cold day and locals are extraordinarily proud of their regular access to the Aurora Borealis. They are so proud and eager to share the Northern Lights that an article entitled “Locals best tips to see the northern lights” is legitimately helpful, instead of the normal pandering you’d find on a country’s official tourism website.

Seville, Spain

Seville is a great place to visit if you are looking for somewhere to get out of the cold but do not want to completely make the switch to Summer. Temperatures hang around the mid-60’s and chances of rain are very low. And since Seville is in the southern half of Spain, the parts that saw the strongest Islamic influences, the uniqueness of the architecture is a huge draw. While you are there, take a Game of Thrones tour, watch some flamenco and eat the Real food, it is great.

Copenhagen, Denmark

More than 1 culture has used a massive festival to stave off Winter dreariness, and 1 of the most exciting festivals has to be Vinterjazz in Copenhagen. It spans almost the entire month of February and attracts internationally renowned talent, with more jazz and types of jazz and jazz performers than have been in one place since the Harlem Renaissance. That is all on Top of everything that makes Copenhagen a worthwhile place to visit, like the Carlsberg Brewery, boat tours through the canal and a vibrant urban culture.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The main draw of a Mongolian Winter vacation is to experience the unparalleled beauty of the steppe, all of it bathed in Sunlight. Use Ulaanbaatar as your base of operations, then head out of the city to the Genghis Khan statue, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and Gandan Khiid, all of which you’ll have almost to yourself. You will have to bundle up beyond anything you have experienced since Ulaanbaatar is the world’s 2nd coldest capital, but the Mongolians have been living with the temperatures for centuries. They will make sure you survive and are comfortable while you do it. Maybe even fashionable, thanks to Ulaanbaatar’s penchant for attractive cashmere and yak’s wool clothing.

Enjoy your travels

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