V-More Sets the Ecommerce Pace in Asia

V-More Sets the Ecommerce Pace in Asia

V-More Sets the Ecommerce Pace in Asia

The world’s fastest growing ecommerce market, Asia is being unified via a single platform, V-MORE a unique international e-commerce platform that currently caters to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Taiwan.

V-MORE aim to take on the giants in the industry and become the world’s leading e-commerce platform and the number one marketplace for high quality products that are value for money – products that Team VenVici and Affiliates personally love, have purchased and benefited from. The vision and mission is to reward both our merchants and consumers for every purchase.

Merchants are discovering the benefits of selling through an ecommerce platform that has a true pan-Asian reach. The ability of a merchant to market products to neighboring countries and around the world with the help of a company that truly knows and understand the region is a game changer.

The seamless integration of major brands is a huge bonus for merchants as they can market their products and services on the same platform as some of the world’s biggest brands, this allows them to reach customers they would have never reached without investing very large sums of money in online promotion.

Unlike Amazon, uploading your products on V-More is simple and they have real people ready, willing and able to help merchants navigate the process and make the most of the platform, this is going to deliver V-More rapid growth and strong sales for merchants as it becomes the go to destination for regional merchants and shoppers.

The big advantage they have is V-More know Asia intimately, while most ecommerce platforms are strong in the USA or China V-More is well entrenched through out Asia and offer real knowledge of doing business in the region.

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