V-More and Infireum Changing the Face of Ecommerce in Asia

V-More and Infireum Changing the Face of Ecommerce in Asia

V-More and Infireum Changing the Face of Ecommerce in Asia

V-More is about to set the Asian Ecommerce market on fire with a revolutionary new way to shop and pay online.


Rewarding Merchants And Customers

V-MORE is a unique international e-commerce supply chain management platform with a strong presence in Asia, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Taiwan. V-More aims to become the world’s leading e-commerce platform and the number one preferred marketplace for high quality products that are value for money. The shop, save and earn program rewards sellers and buyers.

The vision and mission is to reward both merchants and consumers for every purchase.

A payment Gateway for the Belt and Road Explosion.

China’s Belt and Road initiative will create a new wave of ecommerce opportunities from China to India and the Middle East. The rapid expansion of the importance of Asia in the global economy requires a payment gateway not dependent on the traditional US Dollar, and InfinatePay is the answer.

InfinitePay wallet connected to Vmore accepts all other major cryptocurrencies by pairing them with IFR through liquidity provided by partnered exchange so transactions are no longer at the mercy of transaction speed of different blockchains.

The difference in TPS or transactions per second on different blockchains not only affects speed of transfers but also affects the actual exchange rate volatility during time of transfer to actual time of confirmation.

Infinite Chain through mobile application technology and its unique validation process on its blockchain has very high transactions per second rivaling VISA and MASTERCARD.

This makes Infinite Chain, IFR and ultimately, Inbiq ideal for real-world commerce.

IFR is trading now on UDAX and is one of the few Cryptocurrencies worth owning at the moment.

IFR and the interaction with Inbiq could see this Crypto gain serious momentum in the coming months.

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Eden Reis COO Heffx Asia

COO at Knightsbridge Group
Eden has been COO for the Heffernan Group of companies for over 4 years, during this time David has overseen high frequency trading and investment strategies, he has worked actively on the global markets bringing analysis and strategic investment planning to the company. Eden has worked with some of the world's most renown banks and financial institutions in Europe for over 17 years. Also having worked in Europe, USA, Asia and South America.