The US “War on Business” is Over in The Age of Trumpism

The US “War on Business” is Over in The Age of Trumpism

The US “War on Business” is Over in The Age of Trumpism


US President Donald Trump’s coming incentive-based tax policy will show that former President’s Bill Clinton’s and Barack Hussein-Obama’s war on business is over and American companies will be rewarded, not punished by over burdening and unnecessary government regulation.

“The business tax rates are coming down from roughly 40% to 15 or 20% along with expensing and repatriation of capital held offshore.

“If you keep more of what you earn and more of what you invest and more of what you risk, you will be incentivized to keep on doing it,” said former economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan Larry Kudlow.

“Mr. Trump is saying, ‘We will reward success, not punish it,’” said Mr. Kudlow, the author of “JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity,” written with Brian Domitrovic and published by Portfolio.

Mr. Kudlow painted a rosy scenario of just what the American economy could flourish into, if and when President Trump is be given the freedom and cooperation of lawmakers to fully enact his strategies.

“Growth, growth, growth. You want to lower the budget deficit, you want to lower the debt-to-GDP ratio, then grow the economy. Not 1-2% – but 3%+. Growth solves a lot of problems. Every 1%  in GDP above the baseline, which is 2%, cuts deficits down by over $3-T over 10 years,” Mr. Kudlow explained.

“I don’t want us to be an export-led economy, I want us to be a market-driven economy. If we are going to redo our tax incentives and regulations, we will once again be king of the hill for economic growth. I don’t want to be like the other places,” said Mr. Kudlow, who served as the Trump campaign’s senior economic adviser.

“I don’t want us to be semi-Socialists. I want us to be free-market capitalists,” he explained. “I don’t want the United States to have a VAT (value-added tax),” he said.

“Now I’m not opposed to government-spending restraint. I would like to get rid of the department of labor. I would like to get rid of department of commerce,” he said. “I’m all for that. I would like to cut all the waste, fraud and abuse,” he said.

The Key to Trump’s success is strong and clear guidance.

President Donald Trump will be a demanding leader who applies the best of his negotiating skills to push for US growth

As the economy grows under President Trump, there will be a lot more money to spend.

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Trumpeting for Trump

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