US Tax Reform Will Happen in 2017

US Tax Reform Will Happen in 2017

US Tax Reform Will Happen in 2017

Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed any notion of friction with the White House on tax reform, saying all parties “see Eye to Eye” and insisted that they will pass legislation in Y 2017.

“We have a shared agenda. The President and Congress, we are eye to eye on this agenda and on these priorities,” Speaker Ryan said in an interview.

“I’ve spoken to the president more times than I can remember about how we agree on getting tax reform done,” Ryan said. “This isn’t one of these issues where you have a difference in priorities between the House and Senate and White House; we’re totally on the same page on this.

“I think there’s kind of a much ado about nothing there on that point,” Speaker Ryan said.

“So now we’re actually getting on common ground on how to move forward on tax reform so we can get this done this Fall,” he said. “We made a promise, we ran on this, we said this is necessary, this is what we’re gonna do. I think we have a word to keep, and I think we all know we have to keep our word.”

Stay tuned…

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