US Tax Reform, Healthcare, New Budget Done by September

US Tax Reform, Healthcare, New Budget Done by September

US Tax Reform, Healthcare, New Budget Done by September

Expect Congress to move on 3 Key Trump Administration issues: healthcare, tax reform, and the budget by September.

Members of the Senate have been regularly meeting to hash out a healthcare bill and a version of the White House budget that was given to Congress last month, tax expert Grover Norquist said the 3 Key issues will be resolved soon.

“You have the budget, you have tax reform, and you have healthcare reform. This will get done by September and at the end of September people are going to go, ‘pretty impressive year,’ while the press was out focused on hearings,” said Mr. Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform.

The establishment press is not getting in the way of real work getting done.

Mr. Norquist advocates cutting federal funding to programs such as Medicaid and food stamps, letting the states handle them instead.

“When we talk about getting rid of Obamacare you’re really talking about block granting Medicaid, which is a big deal. Tremendous savings over the next 100 years,” he said. “And then we need to do the same thing and block grant food stamps and the job training programs and the housing subsidies.

“Send those out to the states. Let confident states do it well. Save money and no longer allow the federal government to bankrupt states by pushing regulations and cost out into the states.”

Stay tuned…

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