US Senate Republicans Push for Guaranteed Border Wall Funding

US Senate Republicans Push for Guaranteed Border Wall Funding

US Senate Republicans Push for Guaranteed Border Wall Funding

Senate Republican leaders have discussed with President Donald Trump providing $5-B in guaranteed funds for the wall along the US southern border.

The money would be spread over 2 years according to sources.

It is uncertain whether President Trump will accept the proposal, but he has not ruled it out. The possibility of 2-year funding came as officials try to avoid a partial government shutdown on 7 December.

This comes as House Republican leaders, including lame duck Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis), and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, (R-CA), are meeting with President Trump today.

Some Senate Republicans say the White House’s Key priority is obtaining several years of wall construction money before the GOP loses control of the House in January.

“It’s up to what the President will find acceptable,” Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX), said. “Ultimately is going to have to decide it. We are better off trying to negotiate that with the President.”

Congressional Democrats maintained they already have a deal for $1.6-B in border security, but that is far cry for the $5-B wanted by President Trump.

“The President thinks a government shutdown will be good for the country,” Senate Appropriations ranking member Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said. “The only 1 that can shut down the government is the President and the Republican leadership.”

President Trump has demanded action on a major border security package, including funding for the Wall.

“Republicans and Democrats MUST come together, finally, with a major Border Security package, which will include funding for the Wall,” the President Tweeted last Friday.

Mexico pledged to shore up security near its border with the US and local authorities said that 39 migrants were arrested after a peaceful march devolved into chaos when US agents fired tear gas into Mexico to stop some migrants who tried to breach the border.

Mexico’s Interior Ministry said Sunday it would immediately deport those who tried to “violently” enter the US from Tijuana. Meanwhile, Tijuana’s municipal government said that 39 invading migrants were arrested for disturbing the peace and other charges stemming from the march and what followed.

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