US Seeking to ‘Level Playing Field’ With China

US Seeking to ‘Level Playing Field’ With China

Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States is seeking to “level the playing field” with China after decades of unfair trade practices.

President Donald Trump wants to ensure that Chinese and US companies are doing business on equal terms, Secretary Pompeo said.

“We are very concerned that Western companies, American companies and others that enter the Chinese markets aren’t treated the same way that Chinese companies are treated when they enter those Western markets,” he said.

“It’s not open trade when a company can come here and invest in the Netherlands and when a Netherlands company wants to invest in their country they’ve got to submit their information to the Chinese Communist Party,” he said.

The United States has blacklisted Huawei and discouraged its European allies from using the Chinese company’s technology, citing concerns about a “backdoor” that could enable spying by the Chinese state.

“We have been clear: Our ask is that our allies and our partners and our friends don’t do anything that would endanger our shared security interests or restrict our ability to share sensitive information,” Secretary Pompeo said.

“A team of experts is looking into the safety considerations surrounding the 5G auction,” he said. Changes in the 5G auction process could be announced as soon as this Summer.

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