US Ranked #1 Muslim Travel Market

US Ranked #1 Muslim Travel Market

US Ranked #1 Muslim Travel Market


Salam Standard said the country benefited more from Muslim tourism than any other in Y 2015

The United States is the biggest global beneficiary of the Muslim tourism market, according to halal travel firm Salam Standard.

In a report the company said the Islamic travel market accounted for $145-B in international tourism spending last year, of which the US received 24% or $35-B.

Muslim tourism also contributed $16-B to US GDP last year, the firm said.

“The United States benefits more from Muslim tourism than any other economy in the world in terms of direct GDP impact,” said Faeez Fadhlillah, co-founder and CEO of Salam Standard.

“And when you take into account multiplier effects, the total impact of inbound Muslim tourism spend on US GDP is $50.8-B.”

The company estimated that Muslim travel supported more than 600,000 jobs in the US

Fadhlillah suggested the US should be looking for ways to boost its halal friendly tourism offering in light of the findings, despite recent calls to restrict or vet Muslims entering the country during the US presidential race.

Trump says Muslim ban ‘just a suggestion

He suggested providing prayer mats, places to worship, halal food and alcohol-free facilities to help encourage Muslim visitors.

“The US should also make information on its Muslim travel facilities and services more accessible to raise its profile as a halal-friendly destination. Creating online resources, from websites and apps to digital marketing campaigns, is the way forward,” said Fadhlillah.

The report encouraged increasing airline connections between the country and the Middle East and Asia to boost travel.

The global Muslim travel market is expected to grow in volume by 50% and in value by 35% over the next 5 years.

A study by Mastercard (NYSE:MA) and CrescentRating ranked Dubai the #1 shopping city for Muslim travelers last years.

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