US Public Access To Birth Control Plan Underway

US Public Access To Birth Control Plan Underway

Former Colorado governor and current Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper will participate in a National Press Club Newsmaker event at 10:45 a.m., Thursday, June 13.

As the abortion debate intensifies again in the United States, Gov. Hickenlooper will discuss why he believes the successful launch of Colorado’s long-acting reversible contraception plan, the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, could be replicated on a national level.

According to state health officials, the Colorado Family Planning Initiative helped to reduce the rate of teen pregnancies by 50 percent and reduced the rate of abortions by nearly 60 percent during Gov. Hickenlooper’s tenure.

Passed with bi-partisan support and designed in part to function with private donations, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment estimates the Colorado Family Planning Initiative has saved the state approximately $70 million in public assistance costs.

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