US Protesters ‘Duped’ Into Working for Russians

US Protesters ‘Duped’ Into Working for Russians

US Protesters ‘Duped’ Into Working for Russians


Tuesday, it was reported by the Russian new outlet RBC that the Kremlin-linked “troll farm” that placed thousands of ads on Facebook in Y 2016 paid about $80,000 to remotely organize Black rights protests and self-defense classes in US cities in an attempt to sow fear ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

The BlackMattersUS page is linked to the IRA according to the reports by RBC.

“I thought it was a knockoff of Black Lives Matter,” Mr. James said, adding it “looked legit.”

The group gave Mr. James a bank card to pay for expenses, and the permits for the event had already been set up.

Another activist, Omowale Adewale, was contacted about organizing self-defense training.

The IRA created a self-defense group, “Black Fist,” whose website reads, “Be ready to protect your rights . . . Let them know that Black Power Matters.”

A man named Taylor approached Mr. Adewale about the setup, and advertised them through Facebook ads. Mr. Adewale told reporters that Taylor wanted photos and videos in return. He also paid Mr. Adewale $100 per class.

“It’s really diabolical,” Mr. Adewale said. “I detest Trump. This is like, obviously, it’s very problematic for me to find out that it was Russians who were behind this . . . I think they had more of a long-term plan with it.”

This is just the tip of this iceberg.

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Stay tuned…

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