US President Donald Trump Call’em Like He Sees’em

US President Donald Trump Call’em Like He Sees’em

US President Donald Trump Call’em Like He Sees’em

Wednesday, Rep. Louie Gohmert, (R-TX), complimented President Donald Trump for his speech in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday night, saying it shows the qualities that got him elected.

“President Trump’s speech in Arizona was a prime example of why he was elected: he calls it like he sees it. The American people respond to honesty,” Mr. Gohmert told reporters in Dallas.

Mr. Gohmert also voiced his support for President Trump’s plan for a wall on the US-MEX border, saying that “some of the Republican leaders” are “right there with the obstructionist Democrats” for holding back funding.

“So I think that some of us may just have to say, ‘We’re going to vote against every rule until you agree to have money in there to build the Wall,'” he added. ”

“And, of course, that kind of position gets the Republican leadership upset.

But I’m sick of this. This is ridiculous. The Wall was one of the things that got President Trump elected, and I’m very grateful that he has not walked away from that.”

The President feels his strategy work for him, and it is important that Republican lawmaker stay unified to complete the agenda Donald Trump was elected for.

Stay tuned.

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