US Must Keep ‘Economic Strangle Hold’ on Iran

US Must Keep ‘Economic Strangle Hold’ on Iran

United States must continue to “economically strangle” Iran, but also be prepared to take military action, along with allies in the Middle East and Israel, if its actions continue, former Senator Joe Lieberman said Monday, after Iran’s announcement that it is in violation of the international nuclear deal.

“Nothing else will stop them,” Senator Lieberman said Monday in a TV interview, adding that military action is “always a last option, everything else seems to fail with them.”

Monday, The Trump Administration announced it is targeting members of Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s inner circle with sanctions. The administration is also issuing a reward of up to $20-M in rewards for information about missing former FBI agent Robert Levinson.

Iran’s announcement about being in violation of the nuclear is significant as it comes on the 40th anni of the seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran.

He also called the nuclear agreement a bad deal, because it gave Iran “for nothing over $100 billion, which they distributed to terrorist groups around the Middle East and the world.”

Further, economic sanctions imposed by Congress also were already effective, said Senator Lieberman.

It put the brakes on for a short period of time,” he said of the agreement. “In some ways, it legitimized them to start developing nuclear weapons after 10 or 12 years. Well, I’m glad President Trump broke out of that agreement and now we see what they’re doing.”

He added that he was fascinated by this year’s demonstrations in Iran, as they were not only anti-American and anti-Israel but also railed against Emmanuel Macron, President of France, even though he had tried to come up with a compromise in the deal. 

America First!

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