US Media’s Fake News Leading to Violent Protests

US Media’s Fake News Leading to Violent Protests

US Media’s Fake News Leading to Violent Protests

Lies in the mainstream media are creating a toxic atmosphere that leads to violent, racially charged protests like the ones in St. Louis at the weekend, former NYPD detective Harry Houck said in a TV interview Monday

Mr.  Houck spoke about the protests that occurred after a White police officer in St. Louis was acquitted in the murder trial of a Black suspect he shot and killed on 20 December, 2011, Anthony Lamar Smith, 24 anni, a know drug dealer with a long “rap sheet”.

“I heard a guy being interviewed during the riots the other night; he’s saying that the perpetrator was shot in the back, he was never shot in the back,” Mr. Houck said.

“So there’s a lot of fake news, and this is where the truth matters. These organizations out there that are spewing these lies are creating this type of violence out there when that man was never shot in the back. And if anybody can sit and listen or to read this judge’s ruling in this case – which you can get on the Internet, which I did, he clearly sees that there was no evidence showing that that officer had any type of premeditation.”

Mr. Houck added the case should have never been brought to trial because it lacked evidence of a crime.

“There was no evidence that that officer should have even gone to trial,” he said. “I’ll tell you what, I think that this was another malicious prosecution.”

The DOJ found nothing in its investigation years ago and dropped the case but did not announce that fact until after the trial verdict. Amazing.

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