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US May Impose More Tariffs on China, No Preconditions in Talks this Weekend


There are no preconditions set ahead of any trade talks with China, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Thursday ahead of President Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi this weekend at the G-20 in Japan

There were no specific agreements made ahead of the two leaders’ talks, Mr. Kudlow said in an interview.

Mr. Kudlow added that the White House may move forward with additional tariffs.

Asked to clarify a prior comment from President Trump on US-China trade deliberations, the President “is implying that he’s perfectly happy where we are and where he is in these so-called negotiations and talks,”  Mr. Kudlow said.

“And, if need be, we may move ahead, we may move ahead on additional tariffs,” he added.

U.S. stocks pared gains after Kudlow said the U.S. may move ahead on additional China tariffs.

“I do not know where those stories came from. It’s too bad: I hate to say it, but it is fake news. Look, let’s see what happens, just for the heck of it. Without speculating or forecasting,” Mr. Kudlow said.

“The President says we are in a good spot,” he continued. “He also says he’s happy to talk to President Xi, to have a good relationship and if something good comes out of those talks or if China were to offer us a good deal in the future, we might be willing to change some of our views.”

A senior Trump Administration official said Thursday that President Trump’s decision on whether to impose a new round of tariffs on Chinese goods is contingent on the outcome of his meeting this weekend.

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