US Marijuana Advocates are Preparing for the Worst

US Marijuana Advocates are Preparing for the Worst

US Marijuana Advocates are Preparing for the Worst

The threat of stricter marijuana enforcement by The Trump Administration has legal cannabis advocates on edge, and preparing for a “worst-case scenario”.

“It’s definitely an interesting time. We are nervous,” Beth Collins, senior director of government relations with Americans for Safe Access (ASA) said in a TV interview Wednesday.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly signaled a shift to tougher federal marijuana enforcement, with an announcement last week that a crime reduction task force would focus on “evaluating marijuana enforcement policy” and other issues.

Marijuana advocates wonder how that approach will play out in states that have legalized the drug for medical or recreational use, or both, as 8 states have legalized recreational use, while more than 50% of states allow for the use medical marijuana for patients.

A clear sign of tension is seen in the legal cannabis State of Colorado where its Senate has passed a bill allowing marijuana growers and sellers to classify their product as medical if there’s a federal crackdown.

Steph Sherer, founder and director of ASA, said that 1 step being taken in preparation for stricter federal enforcement includes “trying to pass legislation to change federal laws so that we do not have to have that conversation when it comes to patients and their medicine.”

She said ASA is also preparing for the “worst-case scenario” meaning federal DEA raids.

“We do have raid trainings, we do have tools that they can use to be safe if there is a federal raid and make sure that they get through that experience safely,” she said.

USAG Sessions has argued the push to legalize overlooks marijuana’s harmful effects, and last month said he thinks medical marijuana has been “hyped.”

Stay tuned…

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