US Made No Concessions to NKorea

US Made No Concessions to NKorea

US Made No Concessions to NKorea

Tuesday, US Vice President Mike Pence said no concessions have been given or offered to NKorea in the run-up to a June Summit between the President Trump and President Kim Jong Un.

VP Pence said in a radio interview that the US remains open to the Smmit between Presidents Trump and Kim.

The meeting is scheduled for 12 June in Singapore, but President Kim recently balked in the face of US demands that he give up NKorea’s nuclear weapons program, after a 2nd meeting with China President Xi in Beijing.

VP Pence says planning continues for the historic Summit.

President Trump and VP Pence met later Tuesday at the White House with SKorean President Moon Jae-in.

President Trump’s meeting with NKorean leader Kim Jong Un is still weeks away, but a colorful commemorative coin of the 2 leaders has been minted and is ready to go.

The red-white-and-blue coin shows the 2 men in profile set against their countries’ flags. Printed along the edges are their names and countries, with the words “Peace Talks” written at the Top.

The coin was issued by the White House Communications Agency, a military command responsible for the President’s global communications needs.

White House spokesman Raj Shah says the White House did “not have any input into the design and manufacture of the coin.” He says the agency has ordered souvenir travel coins since Y 2003, adding that the coins are ordered after a trip has been announced.

Stay tuned…

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