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“US is the Only Economy That is Really Growing”


White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says that the US is the only global economy that is growing.

The financial guru and agrees with recent research that predicts that such economic strength will easily carry President Trump into a 2nd White House term.

“We are the only economy that is really, really growing,” Mr. Kudlow said Monday on TV.

Mr. Kudlow said the US economy “is still pretty strong. We’ve had headwinds and severe monetary tightening which I think now is turning around. The rest of the world, particularly Europe, has hurt our manufacturing and manufacturing exports.”

When we look at pocketbook issues Reaganesque for home pay, That is booming, the stock market, booming, unemployment about 3.5%, 51-yr low. Inflation is barely discernible he said.

Most importantly Moody’s Analytics economic models have missed just 1 Presidential election since Y 1980 when it slighted President Trump in Y 2016, now 3 are pointing to an even larger Trump victory in Y 2020.

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