US Intelligence Sector in for a Trump Reformation

US Intelligence Sector in for a Trump Reformation

US Intelligence Sector in for a Trump Reformation

Expect the Trump Administration is mulling over intelligence sector reforms that will likely shake up its structure.

According to reports the Transition Team is considering doing away with the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) – despite the announced nomination of former Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) to the post.

The reform could include reverting to the old system of having a Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) as a nominal chief of the 17 intelligence agencies who also ran the CIA.

The new system could include separate DCI and CIA directors.

According to the report, that change would leave Senator Coats as the Director of Central Intelligence along with Rep. Mike Pompeo, the director-designate of the CIA. Both are conservatives who favor reforming the current intelligence system.

The DNI was created after 9/11 to better coordinate the many separate intelligence agencies, but its functions have created new layers of bureaucracy and Red Tape.

The pending reforms should include a downsizing of analysts, administrative personnel, and lawyers.

The Trump administration will encourage intelligence professionals who have been harmed by the political class to come forward and reveal what has taken place.

A Trump Target is  outgoing CIA Director John Brennan, a career intelligence analyst criticized for turning the agency to the left under former President Barack Hussein Obama.

Director Brennan weakened the Directorate of Operations, the espionage branch by mixing in Obama’s political appointees and analysts with trained operatives.

President Trump and Mr. Brennan clashed over the release of an unsubstantiated dossier alleging Russia had compromising information on Trump.

Mr. Brennan denied he disclosed details of a secret briefing where the dossier was discussed. He lied.

Stay tuned…

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