The US Government Shutdown Has Ended

The US Government Shutdown Has Ended

The US Government Shutdown Has Ended

The Government has shut down 19X since Y 1976, 50% of the shutdowns occurred at a weekend.

And 2 shutdowns occurred during The Clinton Administration in the Winter of Y’s 1995 to 1996.

Former President Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress were at odds and shut the government down for a total of 26 days.

Another occurred during The Hussein Obama Administration in Y 2013 when a stalemate between the House and Senate led to a 16-day hiatus.

Once again the Democrats and Republicans were unable to negotiate on a deal and thus shut down the government for a bit.

Notably, President Donald Trump just presided over the shortest government budgetary shut down in recent history. He is the smartest negotiator to hold the Oval Office working behind the scenes and letting his Chief of Staff, John Kelly carry the Flag!

Here is what you have likely not heard.

In the video below Lisa Haven tells all the secrets behind the government shutdown and how the White House is accusing the Democrats of holding American’s pay hostage…

Stay tuned…

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