US Economy is “fabulous” and Fully Recovered

US Economy is “fabulous” and Fully Recovered

US Economy is “fabulous” and Fully Recovered


Investor Ken Langone Delawares that the US economy is “fabulous” and has fully recovered from the 2008 financial crisis.

“We have a fabulous economy. We have capital market system that works. We’ve proven that again and again and again,” Mr. Langone said in a national TV interview.

He gives the American economy a “B.”

Mr. Langone helped launch Home Depot 40 years ago credits the robust economy to President Donald Trump cited the President’s actions that have already eliminated a ‘mountain’ of regulations enacted by former anti-business President Barack Hussein Obama.

“There were so many regulations that were arbitrarily put in that serve no benefit to anybody, least of all the American people,” Mr. Langone said, applauding President Trump’s ‘red-tape’ rollback, saying “That’s helped. Big time it’s helped. And he’s gonna do more of it.”

Mr. Langone also said he is extremely Bullish about the outlook for the US economy and stock market “over the very long term.”

“How do I feel about the market? It’s American. I love it,” he said.

“I’m optimistic. I think, frankly, over the next 25 years, America owns the world,” he said, adding “don’t ask me what’s gonna happen 25 days from now! But over 25 years, I think we’re gonna be fit as a fiddle.”

Although many in the retail industry are struggling to survive, Mr. Langone offered an insight into his personal Winning formula.

“The most important thing about winning is recognizing who your customer is and making sure they understand nobody matters in your business setting more to you than them,” Mr. Langone said.


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