US Economy Growing Despite Jobs Slowdown

US Economy Growing Despite Jobs Slowdown

Under President Trump the US economy is continuing to grow, despite a  jobs report that showed job growth had slowed down sharply in May while wages rose less than expected.

“We have had extraordinary job growth over the past couple of years, record job growth,” VP Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short told reporters. “Unemployment is at a 5-year low. We think that the number of jobs created since Donald Trump was elected is near 6 million, with 500,000 manufacturing jobs.”

Further, Mr. Short said, “real wage growth is at 3%, and has been for roughly 10 months now…I think there is a lot to be encouraged about.”

The President’s agenda, which has rolled back regulations and cut taxes, “continues to generate a lot of enthusiasm for businesses,” he added.

VP Mike Pence has been traveling the country to make the case for a trade deal with Mexico and Canada, said Mr. Short, and if the deal is reached, that could mean “tens of thousands of new auto manufacturing jobs alone in the Midwest states.

“We need Congress’ help in passing a trade deal,” said Mr. Short. “We feel very confident the economy is on a strong footing.”

“You heard the President say he is anxious to find a pathway to Congress, to find a legal pathway to bring more labors into our country but he wants it to be legal,” said Mr. Short. “We have to secure the border first. There isn’t a position that says we do not want to provide that way for additional access to work.”

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