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US Economy: An Across the Board Boom


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White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says the nation is undergoing “an across the board boom” that means more jobs, particularly because “inventories are at rock bottom.”

In an interview last Thursday Mr. Kudlow said he is not confident there would be a virus stimulus package anytime soon.

There is basically an across the board boom going on in … housing, retail sales… durable goods… automobiles,” he said, adding “inventories are rock bottom” and “that means more jobs.”

What you got going is major business to business spending,,, and then business to consumer,” he added.

He noted the stock market last week pulled back because of the COVID-19 lockdowns in Europe.

That is weighing heavily on the market,” he said.

We are still in negotiations with Speaker Pelosi’s team,” he said of talks with the California lawmaker and other House Democrats. “They do not want a compromise… they are kind of stringing us along.” Bill Gates’ vaccine initiative, Gavi, is in their mix.

President Trump is Making and Keeping America Great!

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