US Economic Recovery Does Not Depend on More Aid

US Economic Recovery Does Not Depend on More Aid

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White House adviser Larry Kudlow said says the nation’s economic recovery will continue despite uncertainty surrounding another virus relief bill.

He said the nation’s recovery does not not on additional fiscal stimulus, but it will help.

In truth I don’t know,” Kudlow said during a TV interview about whether Congress will eventually approve another package.

Mr. Kudlow spoke after the US Senate Thursday killed a Republican bill that would have provided around $300-B in new virus aid, as Democrats seeking far more funding prevented it from advancing.

I don’t think the recovery hinges on this bill,” he said. “But the reality is that it would help. So, I don’t understand the logic. Why not do it?”

There’s going to be something of a shift right now to a continuing resolution to keep the government open…My suspicion is that’s going to be the next order of business,” said Mr. Kudlow, who served as The Trump Campaign’s senior economic adviser.

Mr. Kudlow said negotiations will resume between the 2 sides “if people want to discuss,” but cautioned that he does not expect “anything dramatic in the near-term.”

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