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US Dollar Index Calm Before Election


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The US Dollar hanging just below a 1-month high Tuesday, as investors opted for caution in the hours ahead of polls opening on election day in the United States, while the Aussie slipped after a central bank rate cut.

Against a basket of peer currencies, the Buck held at 93.996, just under a month-high marked Monday. The safe-harbor JPY has moved higher in recent weeks and it was steady at 104.72 JPY/USD through the Asia session.

The Aussie fell 0.2% and Australian bonds rallied after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) lowered its policy interest rate by 15 bpts to 0.1% and announced a bond-buying program, as expected.

Across the board, trading volume was lightened by a public holiday in Japan and moves muted as most investors have settled on a pre-election stance.

The New Zealand dollar (Kiwi) slipped marginally to $0.6626. The EUR rose to tap at $1.1652 and the GBP was held just below $1.30.

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