US Crackdown on Invading Migrant Caravans “Completely Appropriate”

US Crackdown on Invading Migrant Caravans “Completely Appropriate”

US Crackdown on Invading Migrant Caravans “Completely Appropriate”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Sunday pushed back on criticism of President Donald Trump’s crackdown on a caravan of migrants seeking entry to the United States calling the measures “completely appropriate.”

In a network TV  interview Secretary Pompeo said he’s been “involved in scores of conversations about stopping illegal immigration from Mexico, and never once has there been a discussion of the political impact in US domestic politics.”

“It has always been about securing the safety of the American people and securing our southern border,” he said.

He ignored a question about the benefits to The Trump Administration’s lawful immigration policy

“The President has been trying diligently to get our foolish immigration laws changed since he took office,” Secretary Pompeo said. “He talked about this this campaign. Many of the challenges we face today with illegal immigration are because we have a set of rules, a set of laws that don’t allow us to fully secure that southern border.

“The President is working through the proper process, the constitutional political process to make those changes to the laws and he’s very hopeful I think that when Congress returns in January, there will be a Congress prepared to  … secure our southern border. That’s completely appropriate.”

House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul said President Donald Trump is using the “biggest show of force” he’s seen in his life to stop the thousands of people in a migrant caravan coming through Mexico from entering the United States illegally.

A 2nd 4,000-strong caravan of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico split up into several groups with one spending the night in a town in the coastal state of Veracruz and other migrants continuing toward the country’s capital.

Caravan organizers have pleaded with the Mexican government for buses in recent days after 3 weeks on the road, hitching rides and walking. With the group scattered, some have raised questions about whether the caravan would stick together.

It has been reported that they are ‘tired, angry, splintered’ and turning around.

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