US Congress Suffering From Common Sense Deficiency

US Congress Suffering From Common Sense Deficiency

US Congress Suffering From Common Sense Deficiency

The Big Q: Why is Congress so up and at it over Russian interference in the past Presidential election?

There is incontrovertible evidence that Hillary Clinton’s e-Mails showed that she was using The Clinton Foundation to funnel bribes in return for special favors while she was Secretary of State.

And that she was using a tax-exempt foundation as the “cover story” to fund her personal and political ambitions.

Common sense tells us that e-Mails and the operations of The Clinton Foundation are hard evidence. But there is not a bit of evidence that the Russians interfered in the election.

And what about the fake MI6 dossier about Donald Trump that somehow got leaked from the CIA?

Anybody with the slightest bit of common sense would want to find out who is leaking a phony report from the CIA to discredit a Presidential candidate.

We all can see that the Democrats have gone off the cliff with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

But what is up with GOP political establishment?

The Big A: They so angry that their preferred establishment candidate, Low Energy Jeb, did not win that they have lost their critical thinking skills post-election, presuming of course that they had any before the election.

It is a fact that Barack Obamacare is crashing or has crashed, that except for those who are in government.

Congress and the judiciary operate under a different set of rules.

Barack Obamacare was doomed from the beginning.

Recall seeing videos of one Johnathan Gruber in Y 2010, the architect of the mess, admitting that Barack Obamacare was just a big deception. It turned out to be the fact

Common sense says, take the losses and immediately repeal and replace this national disaster, why this is not the highest priority of Congress is a mystery.

What sort of reason is being used by Congress to investigate the non-existence of the Russian’s skewing the election so Hillary Clinton would lose to Donald Trump over the real problem of 330-M Americans and illegals trapped in a cratering health care system? sensible people are asking.

The fact is this: there is not a single government-run program, by 1000 federal agencies that is not screwed up.

Congress somehow thinks the government has any ability to run the national health care system when it definitely cannot It d.

What’s worse, because of the way Congress self-imposes unfathomable rules, they let slide the tragedy we call our income tax system until they first deal with Obamacare.

“It boggles the mind” said attorney Denis Kleinfeld “Congress gets elected under the principle of the voting majority rules.”

So, why then is that good enough for Congress to follow the same principle, can it be that Congress suffers from a common sense deficiency?

Have a terrific week.

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