US-China Trade Talks resume, President Trump Declares, “Excellent deal”

US-China Trade Talks resume, President Trump Declares, “Excellent deal”

FLASH: Robert Lighthizer and Steven Mnuchin visit China this week to forge a US-China trade deal

The US and China resume high-level trade talks this week as they close in on a deal that could just be a big step in the long road to economic peace.

President Trump’s Top trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are due to visit Beijing Thursday and Friday, while Top Chinese negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He, plans travel to the US the following week.

This diplomacy suggests both sides are determined to reach an agreement that would avoid any escalation of the 8ht-month US-China trade dispute.

In a radio interview this week, Mr. Lighthizer said he wants to get a deal, but he’s “not necessarily hopeful” one will happen. “We’re working on it,” Lighthizer told National Public Radio (NPR).

“If there’s a great deal to be gotten, we’ll get it. If not, we’ll find another plan.

Plans for a meeting between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping to finalize an agreement has been pushed back by at least a month to late-April, though it could happen sooner.

The President told Republican lawmakers Tuesday that he will settle for less than an “excellent deal” with China aka All or Nothing at All.

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