US AG Loretta Lynch ‘Hamstrung’ FBI During Investigation of Hillary Clinton

US AG Loretta Lynch ‘Hamstrung’ FBI During Investigation of Hillary Clinton

US AG Loretta Lynch ‘Hamstrung’ FBI During Investigation of Hillary Clinton

FBI Director James Comey may have broken a protocol during the Hillary Clinton e-Mail investigation by making evidence public, but his DOJ superiors made his job more difficult.

The Obama Administration “hamstrung” the ‘bureau’ as it sought to find out what happened and why during the lengthy investigation.

Director Comey made some irregular public statements.

Generally speaking, the US government does not speak about cases, about the status of investigations, about the evidence gathered in investigations unless and until itis ready to file charges in court or has filed them. Then they put their PR machine to work.

In this case, Director Comey elected to go public because he thought it was in the national interest and very important.

“Where I think it really does become a “witch hunt” is that the problem with this investigation was not the FBI commentary about the investigation. The problem was the way the Justice Department hamstrung the FBI so that it couldn’t do the investigation effectively,” said a former FBI official in a TV interview Friday.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s admin played a role in trying to influence the outcome of the FBI’s investigation.

Director Comey announced in July he was not recommending charges be brought against Hillary Clinton, and he said the same thing after taking a 2nd look at the case shortly before the November 8th Presidential election.

“It’s clear I think to anyone who looks at this objectively that the Obama Justice Department with Obama having endorsed Hillary Clinton put its thumb on the scale,” said a contributing editor for National Review.

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