UN Supports Fake News

UN Supports Fake News

UN funded terrorist sympathizer Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein does not like Trump, of course.

“It’s really quite amazing when you think that freedom of the press, not only sort of a cornerstone of the US Constitution but very much something that the United States defended over the years is now itself under attack from the President,” Zeid told a news conference, as quoted by Reuters.

“It’s sort of a stunning turnaround. And ultimately the sequence is a dangerous one,” he added.

Zeid also said that derogatory remarks made by Trump about journalists could lead to incitement and encourage people to attack certain communities.

Zeid is an Islamic extremist and has been caught out before, Zeid’s voting record on the highly divisive attempt to force U.N. states to criminalize the “defamation of religion” leaves a huge question mark about how aggressively Zeid will defend free speech in the sphere of religion, where this right is constantly under attack at both the national and international level.

Zeid’s record on freedom of expression suggests either too great a willingness to compromise on human rights principles or a lack of civil courage, neither of which would recommend him for the job.

The United Nations human rights office has been accused of “bizarre” behaviour before after deleting a “loony tweet” asking whether free market economics posed an “urgent threat”.

The row came as Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, launched a ferocious verbal attack on right-wing “demagogues” in Europe and the US, accusing Donald Trump and Nigel Farage of sharing Isil’s tactics.

Before Mr Hussein delivered this impassioned speech, his office in Geneva had sent a tweet to 1.5 million followers asking if “belief in the infallibility of free market economic policies” amounted to an “urgent threat”.

But he is happy to support fake news.

President Trump has long slammed mainstream media for its allegedly biased reporting and “fake news” articles.

He has taken particular aim at “garbage journalism” CNN and the “failing” New York Times.

Trump reiterated his stance on the media at his Phoenix rally earlier this month.

“It’s time to expose the crooked media deceptions and to challenge the media for their role in fomenting divisions, and yes, by the way…they are trying to take away our history and our heritage,” he said.

Trump was criticized in February after banning CNN, the New York Times, and the Guardian from an off-camera press briefing, instead choosing to handpick a select group of journalists, mostly from conservative outlets.

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