UN is Blind on Refugee Problems

UN is Blind on Refugee Problems

UN is Blind on Refugee Problems

IN a statement made after Donald Trump banned refugees from the USA the UN came out with a statement that the people of Europe, Britain and Australia would strongly disagree with:

“The needs of refugees and migrants worldwide have never been greater, and the US resettlement program is one of the most important in the world,” said Saturday’s joint statement from the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The agencies added that the program was “a win-win situation,” which saved the lives of refugees, who then “enriched and strengthened their new societies” with “overwhelmingly positive” contributions.

The reality is much different, Refugees in Europe, Britain and Australia have created enormous social problems, been directly involved in terror attacks, have been linked to terrorism fund raising, rape and other crimes have soared.

They have brought radicalized values and tried to change the nature of the communities they have occupied and not attempted to assimilate, the people of the world have had enough.

The Brexit vote and Trump’s move are not racist, they are based on a desire to maintain their own cultural heritage. Hopefully Australia will elect Pauline Hanson as Prime Minister and they will follow suit with the ban.

Pauline Hanson’s Position is clear:

Australia is a country built on Christian values. Our laws, way of life and customs enforced in the Australian Constitution were based on a secular society. Secularism is asserting the right to be free from religious rule and teachings or, in a state declared to be neutral on matters of belief, from the imposition by government or religion or religious practices upon the people.

Australia has embraced migrants from all different races, making us one of the most multiracial nations on earth. Most have assimilated and are proud to call themselves Australian, accepting our culture, beliefs, laws and way of life. But unfortunately, there are some who have come to our country with the goal of changing our way of life, taking away our freedom and terrorising those who want to live in a peaceful society. Those migrants are the extremist Muslims who are devout to the teachings of Islam and its leaders. All may not follow the teachings of the Qur’an, but if Jihad is called (applying any methods, including threats, deceit and ISIS-style warfare, to establish Islam as the dominant power, completely endorsed by Allah and Mohammed) where do their loyalties lie?

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