UAE Residents Spend 5 hrs a Day on Social Media

UAE Residents Spend 5 hrs a Day on Social Media

UAE Residents Spend 5 hrs a Day on Social Media


Report finds under 35 anni spend up to 6 hours per day

Millennials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are spending up to 6 hours a day on social media, research has found.

Across the age groups, UAE residents reported they spent roughly 5 hours a day using social media, while 33% have 6 to 10 applications installed on their smartphones according to new research from YouGov.

Facebook was found to be the most popular platform among users aged between 18 and 35, with more than 80% of users accessing the social network several times a week.

YouTube and LinkedIn were the next most popular sites with 58%  and 26% of people using the sites respectively, a YouGov survey of 5000 people found.

Meanwhile, platforms such as Flickr, Foursquare, Reddit and Tumblr were said to be the least regularly used social media sites, accessed by less than 2% of respondents.

 More than 70% of YouGov respondent said they used their smartphones to access Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), while 20% accessed it via their laptop. Conversely, LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) was the most accessed social media site via a laptop with just over 50% naming it as their device of choice.

YouGov consumer research director Nehal Hassan Jibouri said, “Our research confirms how social media today plays an integral role in the lives of UAE residents. It serves two main desires – it fulfills (but also created) a need to share precious moments with others and has also become a means to gain, gather and exchange information.”

The UAE has the highest per capita mobile phone penetration in the Middle East, estimated at 80.6% of the population and going up to 82.8% by Y  2019, according to the 2015 Global Media Intelligence (GMI) report.

As of Y 2015,  600-M people in the Middle East are believed to have at least 1 mobile phone this year, with the figure expected to grow to 789-M by Y 2019, the GMI report added.

By Eleanor Dickinson

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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