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Tusk’s Opinion On The G7 Summit – What Should G7 Prioritze


The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk Saturday called on the leaders of the world’s seven most advanced economies in the world, G7, to heal the rift on Iran and find a common position.

“The rejection of the nuclear deal with Iran by the US hasn’t brought about any positive results, and the divisions in the Western world when it comes to this issue, play into the hands of the Iranian Ayatollahs, as well as Russia and China” he told a press conference in Biarritz, France, ahead of the G7 summit.

“G7 leaders should make one more effort to find common language on this,” he said.

He noted that the G7 summit “will be a difficult test of unity and solidarity of the free world and its leaders.”

“There is still no certainty whether the group will be able to find common solutions, or whether it will focus on senseless disputes among each other,” said Tusk.

Referring to the trade war between the US and China, he said China is the biggest challenge for all of us but stressed that we need cooperation than conflict.

“If the US and President Trump use tariffs and taxation as political instrument and tool for different political reasons it means that this confrontation can be risky for the whole world, including the EU,” he warned.

Tusk added that tomorrow, Sunday, on the margins of the summit, he will have a meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Tusk said he is ready now to hold serious talks with PM Johnson on Brexit.
“The one thing I will not cooperate on is no deal. And I still hope that PM Johnson will not like to go down in history as Mr No Deal,” he added (end)

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