Turkey Wants Muslims to Invade Jerusalem

Turkey Wants Muslims to Invade Jerusalem

Turkey Wants Muslims to Invade Jerusalem

The Turkish Dictator Erdogan has been inciting racial hatred in the Israel/Palestine conflict, describing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as “racist” and “discriminatory,” as he urged Muslims to visit Jerusalem “more often” to support the Palestinian struggle for an independent state, he stopped short of calling for attacks in the City but the undertone of his message was clear.

Erdogan the man who will lead Turkey back to a Caliphate has also demanded Jerusalem be the capital of the Palestinian state.

Erdogan is directly trying to derail a US lead peace process put in place by President Trump.

Israel, however, refuses to share custody of the Holy City which it annexed in 1967. With President Donald Trump in office, Israel hopes that Washington would be the first major power to recognize its claims to Jerusalem and abandon the decades-long policy of keeping an American embassy in Tel Aviv.

As Trump and the White House press ahead to help Israel reach a peace deal with the Palestinians, Erdogan said Turkey would continue to support “the diplomatic efforts led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.”

The fate of Jerusalem is one of the key issues in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Both Israel and the Palestinians want the historic religious cradle as their capital. The United Nations considers East Jerusalem to be occupied Palestinian territory but hopes that one day Jerusalem can become the capital of two states, Israel and Palestine.

“We, as Muslims, should be visiting Al-Quds [Jerusalem] more often,” Erdogan said, noting that only 26,000 Turks visited the Holy city in 2015, as compared to 600,000 Americans and 400,000 Russians visitors.

Mass pilgrimage and “hundreds of thousands” of Muslim visitors “would be the greatest support to our brothers there,” he noted.

The Turkish president also took the time to criticize the Israeli push to limit the Muslim calls to prayer (adhan), especially in the early morning hours through loudspeakers.

“If you have faith in your religion, why are you afraid of the adhan?” Erdogan asked. “We will not allow the adhan to be stopped in Al-Quds.”

In March, the Israeli Knesset approved a preliminary reading of a bill which would ban the use of loudspeakers in Israel between 11pm and 7am. The draft law must, however, still be validated in the Knesset.

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