Trump’s Travel Ban Would have Stopped ISIS Attack in Paris

Trump’s Travel Ban Would have Stopped ISIS Attack in Paris

Trump’s Travel Ban Would have Stopped ISIS Attack in Paris

If Europe would have applied Trump’s Travel ban the Louvre attack would never have happened, investigations into the Louvre attack have identified the suspect as an Egyptian national who arrived in Paris on a tourist visa from the UAE. The alleged terrorist wielded a pair of quite expensive ‘machetes,’ according to French officials.

The attack was “obviously of a terrorist nature” according to the French PM Bernard Cazeneuve. It is impossible to determine at the moment, if the suspect “acted on instructions” from abroad or if he acted “alone and spontaneously,” Molins told reporters.

There were some indications in the initial findings, though, that the attack might have been premeditated. The suspect arrived in France from Dubai on January 26 after acquiring a one-month tourist visa. On January 27, the attacker rented a car until February 5, and the next day bought two expensive machetes from an arms store near the Place de la Bastille, according to Molins.

“He bought two machetes from an arms store located near the Place de la Bastille of more than €600,” Molins said.

The suspect did not have anything else with him besides the pair of 40cm machetes, a “bag of paint cans” and a mobile phone when searched after being shot. Police traced his activity back to an apartment, presumably rented by the suspect, and the flat did not contain much either, according to Molins.

The attack at the Louvre occurred early on Friday when four soldiers prevented the suspect from entering Louvre shopping area with two bags. The suspect attacked them, bruising one soldier with the machete and was subsequently shot and wounded. The soldiers fired five shots in total. The attacker’s condition was described as “life-threatening,” but stable, and the injured soldier has been advised to take 10 days leave.

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