Trump’s Legal Team Ready to Go to the Supreme Court Against Mueller

Trump’s Legal Team Ready to Go to the Supreme Court Against Mueller

Trump’s Legal Team Ready to Go to the Supreme Court Against Mueller

President Donald Trump’s legal team is “pretty much finished with” a memorandum opposing a potential subpoena by special counsel Robert Mueller and is ready to “argue it before the Supreme Court, if it gets there,” as the President’s lawyers await a response from Mueller to Trump’s latest terms for a sit-down, Rudy Giuliani told the media Wednesday.

Special Counsel Mueller is leading the probe into Russian interference in the Y 2016 eection, and is also looking into whether President Trump obstructed justice in Y 2017 by asking now sacked and disgraced FBI Director James Comey if he could drop the bureau’s investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Remember Mr. Comey says that, and President Trump’s lawyers say Mr. Comey is lying.

President Trump’s lawyers have gone back and forth with the Mueller team on a sit-down, and Mr. Giuliani last week said negotiations are “down near the end.”

President Trump has been pushing for a meeting, and has urged his legal team to come to an agreement. But Mr. Mueller reportedly wants to ask President Trump about obstruction of justice.

Mr. Giuliani has said President Trump’s legal team wants an interview limited to questions involving alleged collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia in the 2016 election.

Mr.Giuliani argues that no “legal basis” exists for the President to be questioned about obstruction.

Obstruction questions may still on the table for the interview.

But, Mr. Giuliani saying Mr. Mueller needs to demonstrate “to us that he’s got a couple questions on obstruction that he does not already have the answer to, that he really needs the answer to and he has not made up his mind that President Trump is lying.”

“We would move to quash the subpoena,” Mr, Giuliani the lead lawyer Vs the Russia probe, told the press Wednesday

“And we’re pretty much finished with our memorandum opposing a subpoena.”

Robert Mueller cannot win this.

Keeping America Great !

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