Why Trump’s Cabinet Will Outperform Those of the Most Recent US Presidents!

Why Trump’s Cabinet Will Outperform Those of the Most Recent US Presidents!

Why Trump’s Cabinet Will Outperform Those of the Most Recent US Presidents!

The reason is simple, as they are mostly people with high-level, proven business experience – focusing on what our country really needs.

Given their individual backgrounds, they are results focused and understand the meaning of “departure” when they have completed their assigned “tasks”.

They are “no-nonsense” type people where “playing” politics is not their primary goal.

They also understand the President’s agenda: RESULTS and DRAIN THE SWAMP !

Now, let’s take a hard look at the agenda that was set for them by our President: “Make America Great Again” but what does that really mean.

Let’s take a look at their results first and see if they are on the right path.

First unemployment, down.

Next,our middle class is being restored with the resumption of the American Dream – individual wealth and personal independence.

International trade for American goods is Up.

Taxes, Down – Accomplished, for we all know that they produces EMPLOYMENT.

Now to Military Defense: it’s now under the microscope, meaning that it is now being focused upon so that our primary advantage in the world is now on the agenda and our super power status is becoming the awesome factor that has kept our democratic influence in the world in perspective. 

Unlike any other President in recent times, Donald J. Trump is the only President known to track Campaign Promises – an important business measurement to insure that promises are just not figments of one’s campaign imaginations, but are being kept.

This is also what he has gained from his very business oriented Cabinet.

In simple terms, define and drive Results! You perform, you stay provided there is more to accomplish on one’s agenda.

You do not, you leave – a very simple rule in Business Management.

This is different from the vocabulary of the typical Politician who rarely set measurement and accountability standards which they never keep.

Their motto has always been: criticize, get the Media Headlines and pretend that you are accomplishing “something” which is never definable in terms of time or accomplishment. We, in business, call that a “powder buff” approach – yell and never accomplish anything, not ever with a constructive attitude in mind.

Well, under Donald J. Trump, thank good that “euphoria” is at the exit door!

So, to the American people, accountability has now returned to the American people. The media perception of “low beneficial costs” of Obamacare is gone – probably one of our generations’ “greatest falsehoods” for it gave US businesses the opportunity to shift such an employee burden to the US government but at a considerably higher costs.

Next stop for The Trump Train is immigration, eliminating the unfairness of those people who had to earn their way to the right to become an American citizen.

Remember: nothing should be for free and especially, Obama’s plan to let anyone into the United States, free of charge and access to our already burdensome unemployment, medical and education benefits to the American citizen.

Look also to the elimination of our “free” foreign aid program which only made millionaires to a receiving country’s politicians and not to their people. In business, “we” say: “if you want something, then respect and work for it.”

Stay tuned, for we, America, are finally on the right track – get on the train and support our much needed concerns to reform our antiquated political system.

Like, President  Trump and his business driven Cabinet, it is time for business management to enter our political system and for us to finally get the benefits of “hard work.”

Get the “unemployable politicians” out of our government, especially those that have never really worked for an honest dollar.

The Obama-era politicians must go and Washington must focus on an agenda that is best for the American people.

By Bruce Barren,Chairman, EMCO/Hanover Capital Group

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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