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Trumpism Reigns Supreme in America Despite Election Controversy

epa08805500 Trump supporters gather after major news organizations called the US 2020 Presidential Election for Joe Biden, defeating incumbent US President Donald J. Trump, at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 07 November 2020. EPA-EFE/CHRIS ALUKA BERRY

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Donald Trump’s record is very impressive he effected a Key reversal in national thinking“–Paul Ebeling

Much that was said and believed about Donald Trump before he came down the escalator in June of Y 2015 is no longer said or believed by the majority of Americans.

He has changed the Republican Party.

George HW Bush’s (41) vision of a “New World Order,” launched at the after-party of his Gulf War victory, died with his Presidency.

George W Bush’s (43) crusade for global democracy to “end tyranny in our world” has been forgotten.

Bush Republicans (RINOs) no longer speak for the party on foreign policy, trade or immigration.

NATO will never be the same again after President Trump demanded that freeloading nations pay their fair share of the collective defense or the Americans would pack up and come home from Europe.

Former Defense Secretary General James Mattis may call for the round filing of the phrase “America First.” He will fail, as both national motto and national policy, the slogan has put down roots in American soil because it is the will of the silent majority.

Whatever the establishment believes, in the clash between Nationalism and Globalism, Globalism lost. And the world is trending this way.

Xi Jinping put his country 1st as he claims for China all the waters and islands for hundreds of miles into the East and South China seas.

Vladimir Putin put his country 1st as he seeks to bring back under Moscow’s wing the former republics of the Russian federation.

President Erdogan put Turkey 1st as he sends arms and troops to pursue his country’s interests in Libya, Syria, Cyprus, the South Caucasus and the Eastern Mediterranean in clashes with Greece.

Bibi Netanyahu put Israel 1st, too.

The Big Q: If country and nation are not 1st in the hearts and minds of Americans, what should replace them, certainly not some nonexistent New World Order, multilateral caucus of global institutions?

The Big A: Under Donald Trump, economic nationalism has displaced free trade globalism as the trade policy of the Republican party and government.

The GOP elite that backed Bill Clinton on NAFTA, supported a new transnational World Trade Organization, invited China to join the Club, and accorded Beijing most-favored-nation trade status is now silent.

Tariffs to force open foreign markets and punish predator-traders who take advantage of American workers have replaced the free trade fundamentalism that had been dogma since President Eisenhower’s days.

The Republican Party is not likely to return to free trade, as long as “China First” is the undeclared policy pursued by the nation that has now displaced us as the world’s leading manufacturing power.

The George Bush-John McCain Republican Party was for amnesty for illegals and open borders for new migrants. Today’s GOP supports the deportation of illegals and the 30-ft Trump Wall on the Mexican border.

Not only is Trumpism triumphant in the GOP’s ideological battles, but its victory was validated in Y 2020. Donald Trump grew the GOP Presidential vote by 10-M, held the Senate and added GOP votes in the House, an unprecedented feat.

Can anyone believe that the RINO Bush Republicans or the “Never-Trumpers” are the future of the party when considering the massive and visceral reaction of millions of Trump voters even to the idea of conceding his defeat in this election

After the dust has settled from this election, President Trump’s achievements will begin to be recognized.

He cut tax rates and federal regulations and produced in his 4th year the lowest unemployment rate ever among black Americans, women, racial and ethnic minorities.

He remade the Supreme Court, producing a 6-3 constitutionalist majority no predecessor was ever able to achieve.

He crushed ISIS in Syria and eliminated the Muslim Caliphate.

He pulled us out of the Paris climate accord, the Iranian nuclear deal and the World Health Organization.

His Operation Warp Speed initiative helped produce 2 vaccines for the worst epidemic in a 100 yrs within less than 1 yr. And he drove the DJIA, S&P 500 and NAS 100 to record highs.

Donald Trump’s record is very impressive, though MSM will not report it, but the vast majority of Americans know it.

My colleague had this to say, as follows:

“You might not like Trump as a personality but he believed in us as Americans and delivered. One might not like his brash street style but one can not overlook his many accomplishments in so short a period of time – in less than 4 years. Even Lyndon Johnson would have to put a smile on his face as one of the legislative President in modern America. He would probably agree that no other President can match Trump’s record plus his footprint in our Government and probably never will for he delivered just what he said he would.

Most importantly he put our America first in thoughts and actions that must be admired. If Biden is going to be our next President for the final curtain has yet to be closed, he will have a hard act to follow. 

Although Biden is trying desperately to take credit for solving the pandemic crisis and the economic recovery set in place, the credit must go to the Trump column. One must further give Trump credit for his unbelievable delivery of not one vaccine in the shortish FDA approval process ever accomplished and in just than 3 months plus with not one vaccine but it looks like 3.  Match that against other Presidents who were ever confronted with such a fearsome pandemic that no even the bests of experts could had ever predicted, including Dr. Fauci who contradicted himself in every other one of the Press Conference he had.

“History will eventually respect the Trump Presidency with all of his unique accomplishments in short a short period.  I personally hope that he will continue in his efforts to clean the swamp for the smell and atrocities it created should be put under the microscope and corrected forthwith. Why should the Biden family self-serve itself and the Clinton criminalize and questionably legalize the art of perjury – from Whitewater, to Lewinsky, to Bengalize to the the Russian and Ukraine hoax? 

“I hope that Trump’s last gift to America will be to clean up our election process and return it to the one of our forefathers. Unfortunately today, our election process is no longer the model of the World to follow but one full of corruption and self-serving influences. We are no longer  the envy of the World but now  its  bowel movement, to flush us down forever, relishing in their ungrateful  attitude of a self-serving World.” 

Bruce WD Barren is a regular contributor to Live Trading News.

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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