Trumping the “Never Trumpers”

Trumping the “Never Trumpers”

Trumping the “Never Trumpers”

Shawn Steel, California’s RNC rep said Saturday, “Trump laughs at Barbra Streisand’s and Steven Spielberg’s money, while Hillary scrounges on the floor for Hollywood’s pennies. Americans prefer Trump’s approach.”

According to media reports, later this month some wealthy California Republicans scheduled an anti and Never-Trumper strategy meeting. Insiders say the gathering has not been canceled yet, but with Donald Trump the presumptive GOP nominee now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are out the event is a non-starter, and will likely be cancelled.

“Never-Trumpers,” are those who now claim they will vote for a 3rd-party candidate or not at all rather than back and vote for Donald Trump, in reality never-Trumpers are in the vast minority.

“Trump knows people here, he has hired people here, and Hollywood loves the familiar. He’s the first candidate since Ronald Reagan to have roots here,” says writer-producer Lionel Chetwynd, one of the founders of Friends of Abe, a private group of Hollywood conservatives better known as FOA.

“Most in our community are opting for Donald Trump now, and only about two that I know of are never-Trumpers,” he says.

“The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the party of Donald Trump,” says a Hollywood filmmaker. “Our long legacy of championing human freedom, small government and individual liberty is now in his hands. I hope it guides him.”

Some Hollywood conservatives worry the news media now will take aim at Donald Trump. But one of his earliest and biggest supporters, Ann Coulter, says any attacks will largely bounce off The Donald.

“They won’t go after his real weaknesses … no political experience, brash, the gold fixtures,” Ms. Coulter said. “Instead, they’ll do what they always do: Scream ‘racist.’ … It’s all we’ve heard for the last 9 months, and Trump has won more votes in the primary than anyone else in history, so good luck to them.”

A little humility from the mainstream press is justified, as they have been wrong from the beginning of Donald Trump’s candidacy

People in Hollywood have made a lot of money, and he should remind them what is at stake, as he wants to remove the 40% death tax. The current exemption is for the 1st $5.45-M.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to lower that to $3.5-M. And no one now is telling anyone in Hollywood about these Socialist/Democrats intentions to take their wealth.

Trumpeting for Trump

Paul Ebeling

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