The Trump Wiretap Stories are “Not Made Up”

The Trump Wiretap Stories are “Not Made Up”

The Trump Wiretap Stories are “Not Made Up”

Americans may be surprised about the information that comes out regarding President Donald Trump’s claims about being wiretapped, Omarosa Manigault said Monday.

“I think it’s important for the American people to really watch how this story unfolds this morning. I think you will be a bit surprised,” Ms.  Manigault, a Trump aide, said on TV Monday.

“I think you will be surprised, because the 1st and most important thing is the President wants to be totally transparent with the American people,” she added.

“When people start asking questions about how the story came about, the 1st thing you do is pick up the New York Times. And they are talking about wiretapping, and then everybody has amnesia all of a sudden,” she continued.

“These are not stories that we came up with. This was coverage that took place throughout the last year, what was happening at Trump Tower.

The Big Q: If the Democrats did not have Russia to talk about, what would their message be?

The Big A:  No leadership, No message.

“They have squandered an opportunity to reach out to Democrats across this country because they have been so obsessed on a story where there is nothing there. There is no there. They will see that this morning, which is why they are trying to temper people’s expectations,” she said, noting that some Democrats have said not to expect major announcements.

Ms. Manigault was President Trump’s director of African-American outreach during his presidential campaign. She was a memorable contestant on the first season of Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice.”

Stay tuned…

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