Trump White House “Running Like ‘5-Star Restaurant'”

Trump White House “Running Like ‘5-Star Restaurant

Tuesday, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said on TV that the White House may seem chaotic to some, but it is running like “a 5-Star restaurant.”

Governor Huckabee responded to a comment from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who said that “chaos and incompetence” keeps The Trump Administration from fulfilling its responsibilities.

“This is a mantra that the Democrats have decided they are going to use, there is chaos in the administration,” Governor Huckabee said Tuesday morning. “Have you ever been to a restaurant behind the scenes in the kitchen? I mean, I’m talking about a 5-Star restaurant.”

“It seems like there is chaos back there,” he continued. “Here is what happens when they bring the dish out and it’s absolutely fantastic, people are saying, ‘Boy, this is amazing, this is the best I have ever had.’ But if they saw what they called chaos was actually a very careful just execution of getting it done right.”

He added that Americans should disregard leaks, heavy staff turnover and books about the administration that depict it as disorganized and ineffective.

“What I think people are missing is that this is not chaos, this is an administration who has a leader who has so many things going on, is pushing so many buttons and so many things are on his table, on his plate, that frankly, his own staff has a hard time keeping up with him,” Governor Huckabee said. “His stamina is simply remarkable.”

President Trump is a strong leader, and his staff must be aligned, if not, they get sacked.

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