Trump-Pence: Week 76 in the Oval Office

Trump-Pence: Week 76 in the Oval Office

Trump-Pence: Week 76 in the Oval Office


President Trump announced his new Supreme Court nominee to a national audience this week.

Countless legal experts, former colleagues, and even fake news anchors hailed the President’s nomination, with one blue state editorial board noting that “Kavanaugh’s record defies challenge.”

Now we need Americans to call their Senators and demand they give a fair hearing to Judge Kavanaugh throughout the nomination process and ultimately support his confirmation.


President Trump brought his America First message to globalist European leaders at this year’s NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium.

The President is pressing our allies to fulfill their pledge to spend more on their own defense and resolve our $151-B trade deficit that steals jobs from the American people.


The booming Trump economy is gaining steam as the latest jobs report beat the expectations of economists and added 213,000 new jobs to the economy.

In the report, job numbers were revised for the months of April and May, adding 37,000 new jobs to the economy, with the Hispanic unemployment rate dropping to its lowest point in history.


The President traveled to Great Falls to support Montana’s GOP Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

President Trump urged all Americans to vote for candidates who will support his Make America Great Again agenda and expand the GOP majorities in the House and Senate in the mid-term elections this Fall.

The President is in Scotland preparing for his historic Summit with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Monday in Helsinki, Finland
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America First and MAGA

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