Trump Opens Door to Invasion of Syria

Trump Opens Door to Invasion of Syria

Trump Opens Door to Invasion of Syria

Trump has given the Pentagon authority to independently set troop levels in Iraq and Syria, and to ensure commanders’ flexibility. Over 5,000 troops are deployed in Iraq, and 500 in Syria, where they operate without Damascus’ invitation and are considered an occupying force.

“The President has delegated the authority for Force Management Levels (FML) for Iraq and Syria to the [Defense] Secretary [James Mattis],” said Captain Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, as cited by ABC.

This now moves the decision to “invade by proxy” the nation of Syria in the hands of James Mattis.

The decision to allow the Pentagon to manage troop levels comes as US public approval for expanded engagement in Syria shows signs of strength. A Morning Consult/Politico poll published in mid-April found that 31 percent of Americans believe the US should be doing “much more” in Syria, while another 32 percent said the US should be doing “somewhat more.”

The poll also found that 66 percent supported the Trump administration’s decision to launch a massive cruise missile strike on a Syrian Army airbase in Shayrat – a move that was described as an act of aggression by Damascus and Moscow.

ISIS is still very active in Syria, today a person was killed and two others were injured by terrorist sniper shooting on Eish al-Warwar neighborhood in Damascus.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that terrorist groups positioned in al-Qaboun neighborhood on Thursday morning targeted with sniper shooting the houses of citizens in Esh a-Warwar neighborhood, killing a person and injuring two others.

A woman and her son injured in terrorist mortar attack in Homs countryside

A woman and her son were injured in a terrorist attack with mortar shells fired by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups on Kafarnan village in Homs countryside.

SANA reporter in Homs said that the terrorist groups positioned in Keseen village fired mortar shells on the citizens’ houses in Kafarnan village in the northern countryside of Homs, injuring a woman and her son and causing material damage to properties.

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