Trump Must Stop North Korea

Trump Must Stop North Korea

Trump Must Stop North Korea

Over the last week North Korea has repeatedly threatened South Korea, Japan the USA and Australia with a Nuclear strike. Should that happen the parties involved now only have themselves to blame.

The world has to stop entertaining the threats like this from countries like Iran and North Korea. It is especially stupid considering the death toll, destruction and financial cost of wars America started in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya over their “regime change” ideals.

The regimes that need to be changed are those that threaten to kill by the millions innocent people in other countries.

A Nuclear North Korea is Not an Option

North Korea will develop Nuclear technology and will use it, America needs to act now. Under Obama North Korea was given free reign to do what it wanted, the world is now at risk.
North Korea may well fulfill its threat to hit US targets on South Korean territory if continued pressure by Washington puts Pyongyang at an impasse, Pavel Zolotarev, a retired Russian Major General, told RT.

“A US strike against North Korea may go against common logic, but when a country is governed by propaganda – and the United States are going through such a period – political decisions go beyond rational logic, and there we can have consequences that are hard to foresee,” Zolotarev warned.

  No threats from Washington or even the harshest sanctions will make Pyongyang abandon its plan to develop its own intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), Aleksandr Tsalko, a Russian retired Air Force general, told RT. 

“[The North Koreans] will sell the last shirt from their back, but will make [the missile],” Tsalko said.

Pyongyang has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb which can be mounted on an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), the country’s state TV announced Sunday, this brings the world a step closer to World War 3.

Just prior to conducting the six nuclear test, the North announced that it has all the indigenous technology and production capacity to carry out a super powerful Nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which, if exploded at a high altitude, could paralyze electronic systems infrastructure of any country. The US considers a potential EMP attack a real threat to the nation, capable of inflicting “catastrophic” damage.

In a series of tweets Sunday, Trump branded North Korea a “rogue nation and a threat.” The latest development in Pyongyang’s nuclear capabilities are “very hostile and dangerous to the United States,” the US president said.

The United Nations

The United Nations’ Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, slammed North Korea’s actions on Monday, calling Pyongyang’s most recent test a “dangerous provocation” that is destabilizing for the region and the international community.

China’s UN envoy has called on Pyongyang to “stop taking actions that are wrong” and which deteriorate the situation on the Korean peninsula, adding that North Korea should return to dialogue.

“We strongly urge (North Korea) … stop taking actions that are wrong, deteriorating the situation and not in line with its own interests either and truly return to the track of resolving the issue through dialogue,” China’s UN ambassador Liu Jieyi said.

The envoy has called on all parties to “seriously consider” the double-freeze plan proposed by China and Russia and “actively respond to it.” The plan would see Pyongyang suspend its missile tests in exchange for a halt in joint US-South Korean drills. The plan has been rejected by Washington.

It comes after US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said earlier on Monday that it was time for the Security Council to impose “the strongest possible measures” on North Korea over its six and largest nuclear test conducted on Sunday, because “enough is enough.”

Haley said the sanctions approach towards Pyongyang since 2006 has not worked, and accused North Korean leader Kim Jong-un of “begging for war.”

“Despite our efforts the North Korea nuclear program is more advanced and more dangerous than ever,” Haley told the council. “War is never something the United States wants. We don’t want it now. But our country’s patience is not unlimited.”

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