The Trump Ladies Play Strong Roll at G-20 Summit

The Trump Ladies Play Strong Roll at G-20 Summit

The Trump Ladies Play Strong Roll at G-20 Summit

Yes, that was Ivanka Trump briefly filling her father’s seat at the G-20 Summit, an international gathering that turned out to be a Trump Family affair in Hamburg, Germany this week.

President Trump’s daughter attracted attention after a member of the Russian delegation Tweeted a photograph of her sitting in her father’s chair during an official Summit event Saturday.

A White House official said the President had stepped out of the room and that Ivanka Trump, a senior adviser, moved forward from the back of the room when the head of the World Bank (WB)discussed topics particularly relevant to her.

Ivanka Trump also headlined her own event at the G-20 that attracted a lineup of world leaders.

Our 1st Lady Melania Trump had a notable G-20 role too.

Mrs. Trump was seen at several of the President’s bi-lateral meetings.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband and a senior adviser, was also present in a number of the President’s meeting.

It’s all part of President Trump’s family-focused governing style that takes its cues from his decades running a family business.

The 1st Lady was rarely seen or heard during the early months of The Trump Administration. But during the President’s 1st 2 trips abroad, she has taken on a prominent role.

Mrs. Trump introduced her husband ahead of his speech in Warsaw, Poland, Thursday and was spotted sitting in on President Trump’s bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Saturday.

It is not uncommon for the President to ask Mrs.Trump to be present for meetings

After spending much of Friday stuck in a local guest house because “Welcome to Hell” anti-globalization demonstrators prevented her from leaving the building, the 1st lady was dispatched by US officials to try and help wrap up a marathon meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We went another hour after she came to see us, so clearly she failed,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson later told reporters in a light-hearted after-action report.

Mrs. Trump is fluent 7 languages and is very comfortable in the role of representing the US abroad.

Melania Trump is not a “potted plant” and notably there are not many people who could knock on the door and walk in on the President of the United States, Good on Her.

Ivanka Trum led an event to launch a new World Bank fund to help drive women’s entrepreneurship. The event drew a number of the Summit’s biggest stars, her father, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Summit host Germany’s Angela Merkel.

“She’s got her certain issues that she focuses on, and when those things come up, then that’s where she is and that’s what she likes to focus on,” Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations, said in a TV interview. ”I think she sees herself as part of a public servant family, and she does not want to waste this time by not putting forward some effort to try and help the world.”

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