Trump in 2020 Unveils “Promises”

Trump in 2020 Unveils “Promises”

Trump in 2020 Unveils “Promises”

US President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign announced a new website, titled “Promises Kept,” where voters can log on and see “each and every promise” the president has made in his tenure so far.

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“Well, ‘Promises Kept’ right now is a sub slogan, and what that means is he made promises and is keeping them,” Brad Parscale, in a TV appearance Tuesday said. “You can log on to this website, and you can see that each and every promise he has made, which is hundreds of them. More promises kept than probably any president in history of the country.”

The website details President Trump’s accomplishments on the economy, immigration, jobs, foreign policy, national security and defense, regulation, land and agriculture, law and justice, energy and environment, government accountability, health care, education, veterans, social programs, and infrastructure and technology.

It also provides a timeline of President Trump’s accomplishments and recent news.

“On June 16th, 2015 Donald Trump descended from the escalator in Trump Tower and embarked on a mission to care for the Forgotten Men and Women of America with just four simple words: Make America Great Again,” reads the “About” section.

“Since then, this slogan is what has driven Donald Trump to win not only the Republican primary, but the presidency in the biggest political upset in modern American history.”

I wrote a story on 16 June 2015 declaring iconoclastic businessman Donald J. Trump would be our next President and have a complete archive of all of his work for the past 501 days, check it out here.


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