Trump Administration Ramps Up Denaturalization Campaign

Trump Administration Ramps Up Denaturalization Campaign

The Trump Administration Ramps Up Denaturalization Campaign

Immigration officials have reviewed possible fraud in the cases of thousands of naturalized citizens in Los Angeles to revoke citizenship.

The Trump Administration is ramping up denationalization, a complex process once primarily reserved for war criminals and human rights violators.

A Citizenship and Immigration Services team in Los Angeles is reviewing the naturalization files of 2,500 immigrants, looking for signs of fraud or identity theft to revoke their citizenship. Of those cases 100 have been referred to the Department of Justice for action.

“We’re receiving cases where (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) believes there is fraud, where our systems have identified that individuals used more than one identity, sometimes more than two or three identities,” Dan Renaud, the associate director for field operations at the citizenship agency, told Times. “Those are the cases we’re pursuing.”

According to a report, The Trump Administration granted fewer visas and accepted fewer refugees in Y 2017 than in previous years. The effort stems from a Hussein Obama era finding that prior to the use of fingerprint checks in naturalization, some applicants had failed to disclose criminal backgrounds, arrests or deportation orders.

It is The Trump Administration’s latest move in the battle to reduce legal and illegal immigration to the United States.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which supports tighter controls, said that “denaturalization, like deportation, is an essential tool to use against those who break the rules.

“It’s for people who are fraudsters, liars,” he said. “We’ve been lax about this for a long time, and this unit that’s been developed is really just a question of taking the law seriously.”

Recently, the federal government moved to block victims of gang violence and domestic abuse from claiming asylum. White House senior advisor Stephen Miller is pushing a policy that could make it more difficult for those who have received public benefits, including Obamacare, to become citizens or green card holders, according to multiple news outlets.

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