Trump Administration Pressing Ahead on China

Trump Administration Pressing Ahead on China

President Trump has forged a good relationship with China’s President Xi, but the 2 nations do have their differences, including on intellectual property rights and forced technology transfers, so reforms must be seen in that regard.

Vice President Mike Pence said in an interview Friday that: “These are the big-ticket items and we have been clear with Chinese leadership that these are the things that have to be addressed,” VP Pence said. “President Trump will meet with President Xi at the G-20 in just a few weeks and we remain hopeful that China will step forward.”

There had been great progress made, but China started to “step backward,” but still the United States is in a “very strong position” with tariffs that were imposed.

President Trump hopes that a deal can be reached with China, but also wants to reset the relationship, as American jobs and workers come 1st.

The issue of Huawei Technologies remains a matter of national security, as the company is a “wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party, said VP Pence.

“To have Huawei operating as a 5G network in our country or in our allies’ countries, we believe, represents a fundamental compromise of national security and the privacy of millions of citizens,” said VP Pence. “We  will continue to communicate that message very strongly to allies in Canada and all over the western world, but we are also going to continue to promote alternatives for 5G networks.”

VP Pence said The Trump Administration knows it can meet the global need for 5G with enterprises that respect US values, privacy and individual rights while protecting individual property and preserving national security.

America First!

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